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Sponsor Letters

Testimonial letters in connection with sponsorship for Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Matrimony, and letters of recommendations are issued only to registered, active members of the parish.

Please Note:  

We receive many requests for sponsorship letters for Baptisms and Confirmations. A sponsorship letter is a letter from the pastor of the parish attesting that the person is eligible to be a sponsor. The Church, and not the pastor, defines eligibility. To be a sponsor for the sacrament requires that you are a registered member of the parish in good standing with the church, and that you attend Mass regularly and support the church to the best of your ability. Most people who are asked to be sponsors qualify without any question. However, several times a month the pastor is asked for a letter from persons who he does not know or recognize, or who are not in good standing with the church and who infrequently or never attend Mass. If we do not know you, and have no record of your attendance at Mass, we cannot in honesty issue a sponsorship letter. Using envelopes is a good way of tracking, but it is not the only way of assuring that you are a practicing Catholic, and an appropriate spiritual role model for a young person about to receive the Sacrament. If you are asked to be a sponsor, and we do not know you, please provide some evidence that you are in fact a practicing Catholic, and if you are not, please don’t ask the pastor to change the rules for you.